Sustainability is a top priority for Watsons, so the brand introduced the “Greener Stores Global Framework” last year to make its stores more sustainable and to empower customers to make better choices to lower environmental impacts.

To further the mission, Watsons has announced its cross-over campaign with MIRROR to inspire 18 million loyal customers to Go Green across 4 Asian markets, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Cross-over with MIRROR, Go Green Together

The Go Green with MIRROR campaign aims to encourage customers to take positive actions in their daily life to make more sustainable choices.

The idea is that if everyone makes a slight difference every split second, the impact would be enormous if we do it together.

During the kick-off event, MIRROR performed their brand-new song: “GO GREEN,” and shared the green actions they have taken in their daily lives with the audience.

Overseas Watsons’ followers enjoyed the live-streaming event as representatives from the 4 Asian markets interacted with MIRROR onstage to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe), says, “A.S. Watson is the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer based in Hong Kong. MIRROR is also a very popular and successful singing group, born and made in Hong Kong.

Both of us represent Hong Kong’s spirit. Mirror reflection means infinite possibilities, which coincides with our brand’s belief and inspires our collaboration.”

“I hope MIRROR will go beyond Hong Kong and move towards the international markets like Watsons and inspire more people to live a greener lifestyle that contributes to a sustainable future.

Together, by sharing happiness, positivity, care, and love to ourselves, our communities, and our planet with “The New Beautiful” initiative, Watsons strives to create a better world for all.”

In conjunction with the “GO GREEN” effort, Watsons Malaysia is running “Let’s Go Green with Mirror.”

Watsons Malaysia’s members can complete simple green efforts on Watsons Malaysia App by uploading photos of the missions and growing a virtual tree by completing three (3) missions and winning exciting Green rewards by 24th March 2023.

Additionally, stand a chance to win the “Go Green with Watsons Beauty Box” with best-selling Korean Beplain cleansers, and facial masks included worth more than RM200* by spotting Go Green with Mirror billboard advertisement at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and uploading it on Facebook or Instagram post it with hashtag #GoGreenWithWatsons & #GoGreenWithMirror.

The Low-Carbon Virtual Green Garden

At the same time, Watsons has developed a game to promote sustainability where customers can create their own virtual Green Garden.

By completing various green tasks such as answering simple questions or uploading relevant images to social media platforms over six weeks, customers can establish a greener lifestyle through “Skip it” (Reduce), “Bring it” (Reuse) and “Keep it” (Recycle).

The App will then estimate the carbon emission savings for each green task, and Watsons will then match the carbon emission savings and sponsor relevant tree-planting projects.

The project is estimated to offset 900 tonnes of CO2 and make a bigger impact on our planet in parallel to its green actions. Customers in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan can play the game on the Watsons App, while customers in Hong Kong can play the game via the MoneyBack app.

Dance Challenge for Greener Lifestyle

“GO GREEN” is MIRROR’s brand-new song composed by the group. I

t will be aired in Watsons stores across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore, reminding customers that green actions can be a part of their life, and it can be as simple as snapping their fingers.

Selective stores will be turned into MIRROR GO GREEN Flagship Stores to promote the message of low-carbon living.

Furthermore, customers can participate in the #GoGreenMirrorDance challenge on social media to spread the impact of MIRROR across Asia and to create a more sustainable future together.

For more information, download the Watsons App at Google Play Store & Apple Store now to support a more sustainable lifestyle with MIRROR!


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