Get charged for a Goodday with chocolate milk

Milk category gets a boost with new Goodday Charge

In a market full of entrenched brands, Dentsu LHS and Etika are challenging the status quo with a new and innovative product, milk fortified with energy.
Goodday Charge UHT Milk which was launched last week is a fortified chocolate milk with the unique promise of getting energy from milk. It brings together the goodness of milk, the delicious taste of chocolate and the fortification of MultiPRO™ – a unique formula of protein, calcium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, Iodine and Niacin.
“The launch campaign’s theme centres around how Goodday Charge enables you to get a new form of energy from milk to charge you up. We feel this would resonate well with the active lifestyle of youths and young adults, as they go about their daily activities,” said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Vice President of Marketing, Etika Sdn Bhd.
“Getting down to business, we collaborated with Dentsu LHS to challenge the status quo in the chocolate drink and milk category,” he added.
With that, Dentsu LHS invented the brand name, designed the packaging and developed the advertising communications for the chocolate energy drink.  
“We saw the product’s potential to stand out from a sea of sameness by positioning milk as trendy and energetic, on top of being nutritious. Hence, working with Etika, we named the new milk variant Charge, and gave it a trendy packaging design, then created a fresh angle to communicate the nutrition credentials of the product. In other words, Goodday Charge is here to disrupt,” said Liew Mun Tip, Group Brand Director, Dentsu LHS.

Keeping to the energetic and trendy vibes, the video commercial to introduce Goodday Charge features an upbeat interplay of ballet dancers, hip-hop dancers and drummers to depict the combination of the goodness of milk, deliciousness of chocolate and the 10 beneficial nutrients that make up Goodday Charge.
The integrated campaign runs across various media, including newspaper cover wraps, which come with a fitness resistance band, as well as ads on social media, websites, out-of-home and radio.  
Goodday Charge is currently available throughout Malaysia at hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations in three sizes – 1L, 250ml and 200ml.

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