“Like a raging river, you nourished an endless desert.”

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TAN SRI LIMKOKWING (1946 – 2021)

Like an elder brother, you opened your campus 

to help me start the Malaysian Creative Circle Awards. 

Like a true statesman, you hosted kings and world leaders 

with the same grace you belanja me durian coffee and dinner at the MO. 

Like a patient soul, you invited me to join you on 

your journey to conquer the world but I always hesitated. 

Like an eternal optimist, you urged me to run for President of MERCY Malaysia

when I told you I was already its ExCo member.

Like a knowing friend, you replied 

”Everyone got poorer. So you are doing great!” when I 

lamented “Last year wasn’t great as I got poorer”. 

Like a bigger man, you never said No to me even when I said No to you.

Like a man immune to hate, you didn’t care when 

I announced you were underrated by the overrated. 

Like a cheerful buddy, our cheeky banter was always a joy 

and I will miss you dearly Big Brother…. 

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