Dumex Dugro creates Extended Reality experience

Danone’s pioneering growing up milk brand, Dumex Dugro, recently collaborated with Rouge by Entropia to bring consumers a first-ever web-based Augmented Reality (AR) packaging experience – leveraging Extended Reality (XR) technology to launch their new formulation, NextGen NUTRI – all without the use of a specific mobile application*.

Danone’s NextGen NUTRI launch campaign was scheduled for March this year, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sales promotions and consumer education drives were not possible, and the brand had to consider contactless alternatives to engage consumers.

Samuch Ongsulapa, senior category and channel development manager at Danone, comments, “Our vision to be a people-powered brand is embraced by our partners at Rouge by Entropia. We set out to reconnect with Millennial mothers – to better understand their insights and behaviours, with the aim of innovating our NextGen NUTRI nutrition formulation and redesigning our consumer experiences. In line with this big idea, we launched Dugro’s innovative AR packaging experience. For us, this marks a new era in product detailing and engagement with our consumers.”

Ramakrishnan CN, head of Entropia XR, adds, “The biggest challenge for any marketing campaign is to engage consumers. XR technology solves this for Dumex Dugro by offering them the opportunity to create interactions with prospective customers in the most engaging way possible – through a full brand and product story told via Augmented Reality on packaging.”

“The quantum leap in the processing power of mobile phones and their mass availability, have made the deployment of such experiences more cost-effective than ever before. We are excited about the possibilities of this technology.”

Consumers are able to scan the product packaging to unlock a new reality on their mobile phones, all without the use of an App.

By simply clicking a link on their phone, they will be brought through an immersive journey learning about the Dugro product offerings, including the RTBs, key ingredients, and more.

Upon completion of the journey, moms and children also have the opportunity to interact with and take a picture with the Dugro Buddies (Dugro’s well-loved cartoon characters – Aiden the Leader, Jolly Jane, Big Sis Sussie, and Brainy Ben), save it and share it on social media.

Video here: https://youtu.be/AFWCQ4cG-VU

*WebAR technology requires access to a user’s smartphone motion sensors and camera, as well as an internet connection, with pop-up blockers disabled.

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