Digital finally beats TV in ad spend

2 years ago

Worldwide digital spending to touch $223.74 bn in 2017
The interactive micrographic on online advertising trends for 2018 by UK-based Adzooma spells out some interesting forecasts for the industry.
Titled ‘The Online Advertising Landscape: Trends and Tips for 2018, the report, announces what advertising pundits knew was coming: that 2017 was the first time more money has been spent online than on television.
While TV ad spending remains flat or is growing tardily, digital ad spend is set to reach $223.74 billion by 2017 end, representing 38.3% of total paid advertising.
The report also reiterates what marketers believe will continue deep into 2018: Google will remain a dominant force in online advertising.
So, every $1 spent on Google Adwords will generate $2 in sales and 39.4 percent of mobile spend will go to google.
This growth will result from a slew of improvements Google has made to Adwords, namely:
• Removing their side bar ads
• Introducing a 50% hike in character allowance
• Adding number of new ad extensions which will increase the potential to optimize ads and further boost popularity of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.
The Report also quotes Google as saying its partnerships with financial vendors give it coverage of 70% of credit card transactions in the US.
Adzooma’s top predictions for paid search in 2018, also touches upon the following categories. They are:
• Voice Search
• Audience Targeting
• Image and Video
Some key trends businesses need to look out for if they don’t wish risking left behind:
• Voice search is gaining traction and now accounts for 20% of searches on Google’s mobile app and Android devices.
• Mobile emerging as key driver behind the growth in online advertising spend; accounts for 43% of digital advertising.
• GPS-based SEO; optimizing content based on location is becoming even more important that keywords.
• Video advertisements are becoming very popular because they are highly effective yet cheaper than text ads.
• Online video has overtaken banners as the largest display format, up 46% year-on-year.
Besides listing out trends for the coming year, Adzooma report also
offers actionable advice and top tips and hints to the marketers.
More details of the report can be accessed here: