Businesses up for review

Coca-Cola’s US$4 billion global review signals the company’s plans to completely redesign its agency model to improve the ROI of its marketing investments. Heineken moves media buying and planning to Dentsu and will set up a new creative agency model in partnership with Publicis Groupe. Nestlé is carrying out a major review of its media arrangements in China as it focuses on digital transformation and e-commerce.

Here are some highlights…

  1. US$4,000m
    Creative, Media, Global
    Incumbent – Multiple
    Participating Agencies – Undisclosed In Review
  1. US$600m
    Creative, Media, Global
    Incumbent – Publicis Groupe, Dentsu Red Star, Canvas Worldwide
    Participating Agencies – Undisclosed
    Le Pub (Publicis),
    Dentsu (Global-Media),
    Canvas Worldwide (USMedia) – WINNER
  1. US$600m
    Media, China R3 Led Review
    Incumbent – GroupM
    Participating Agencies – Undisclosed
    Dentsu – WINNER
  1. US$200m
    Content Production, Management Account, Global
    Incumbent – Undisclosed
    Participating Agencies – Undisclosed
    MediaMonks, Publicis Groupe – WINNER

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