Awards debate

2 years ago

The award shows must go on. Award shows help agencies with their raison d’être
After MARKETING magazine’s recent report on agency rankings based on selected award shows in 2017, we followed up with a small survey asking about 20 heads of agencies, creative, media and digital (in equal numbers), about their plans for the award show in 2018…

We asked them three questions:
1. Are you investing more than last year in award shows?
2. Will you spend more than RM100k on award shows this year?
3. What are the top three award shows you will be focusing on?
Regardless, the award show business remains an enterprise worth millions. For local shows, here are the favorites:
1. Effie Malaysia
2. Kancil
3. Malaysian Media Awards
4. APPIES Malaysia
These foreign shows are agency favourites:
1. AdFest
2. Cannes Lions
3. Dragons (PMAA)
4. Spikes
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