Ang Shao Ting leaves Trapper

Trapper Media Group’s Ang Shao Ting resigned from his role as general manager for digital recently after more than three years. Ang spoke to MARKETING magazine about his plans going forward.

“It wasn’t an easy decision when you have spent the last seven years co-building Trapper Interactive from scratch alongside some amazing mentors namely Group CEO Sivananthan Krishnan and Group GM Christopher Phang. However it was all down to my personal consideration for a career restart. I am currently taking a break to reflect and renew some thoughts about the industry,” said Ang.

In his role at Trapper Ang oversaw the digital media, ad operation, content and creative divisions.

Ang Shao Ting

According to his LinkedIn, Ang assisted in starting up Trapper Media Group’s digital team in 2012. In his role as GM – digital, he led a team of 15 individuals and led new businses acquisition and pipeline, overall agency planning, operation and development, client management, and built relationships with media owners and publishers.

Before this role, Ang was digital account director at Trapper Interactive, one of the brands under Trapper Media Group, for about four years, according to his LinkedIn. He also worked at Media Contacts Malaysia, Seal Incorporated, and JobsDB. 

“I loved being pat of a people centric indie agency where the ‘gradual growth with happiness in mind’ ideology was actually practiced. If it sounds cliched, well that concept fuelled the agency’s growth and stability for the last seven years.

“We have even expanded our client portfolio regionally. I see it as an inevitable approach for an indie agency with its different set of challenges especially on human capital. Otherwise can an agency excel when its core assets are not functioning?

“Currently we have a musical chairs situation as a result of a talent deficit within the industry. This was one of my challenges. The idea to sit down with your team have a teh tarik and a geunine talk sometimes does work. I guess some teh tarik sessions worked and some didn’t,” added Ang.

“That said on the whole I’m happy to see that today there is a more inclusive ecosystem for indie agencies when not everything is down to bulk buying power. Indie agencies have opportunities like never before all thanks to a changing perception towards them,” said Ang.

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