Aligning the stars in Malaysia’s marketing ecosystem!

2 years ago

Rocketfuel Entertainment (team picture) is rewriting the way star appeal has become a true power marketing tool to win market share.
Rocketfuel Entertainment’s Admiral, Moots, is himself a rock star and has worn multiple hats from radio announcer, digital strategist to becoming the lead vocalist for South East Asia’s most celebrated band Pop Shuvit.
His team is equally awesome… we took him to task recently…
There are stars and there are stars. What is the real difference Rocketfuel brings to brands in Malaysia? 
They say “There’s no business like show business”.
We say, there’s no business like business that makes business. And that’s the essence of our raison d’etre, or reason for being. We nurture, nourish and align stars so they make commercial sense for brands in the marketplace.
We recognize this is more of a science than an art, which is really what differentiates us in the marketing ecosystem.
And your talents…. 
The talents in Rocketfuel are our biggest assets and the content we produce with them are always in-line with their own individual brand.
We tailor campaign objectives and the talents’ own brand so there’s no obvious force-fit. It’s not about a brand engaging a talent, but about a talent engaging the audience.
We look for brand engagement or collaboration that best suits our talents, making it more relevant to their lifestyle and the platform they are pushing it on. Essentially, we cover all facets of our talents’ careers and also provide them with training and development to sharpen their skills and potential.
It is important that our talents are upskilled to go beyond their disciplines – we want them to be more than just a host, or a singer or actor.
As such, talents are now content creators and together with Rocketfuel, we work hand-in-hand to develop engaging content for both brands and consumers.
Fandom is the new mantra in marketing…
Marketers always want to turn their consumers into real brand fans. This is their holy grail. We understand how this is done, because it’s what we eat, live and breathe every day.
That’s why we have some of the biggest talents like Zizan Razak  with 2.55 million followers on Twitter and 4.3 million on Instagram and Lisa Surihani with 3.78 million on Twitter and 3 million on Instagram in our fold. Just to name two…of the hundreds on our roster.
The question of brand fit has been most times subjective and even personal.
We find this baffling, especially when recommendations are made by people who are clueless and do not have their fingers on the pulse of pop culture.
This is where we come in.
We work closely with clients to design the creative execution of the campaign by generating  conversations with the target audience that ensure brand relevance with the right talent fit.
Some marketers ask if the personalities of big stars will overshadow the brand?
Ah, the timeless question of whether the star will ‘vampire’ the brand.
The solution boils down to management of expectations. Marketers who work with us have the benefit of working with “talents who manage talents”, so to speak.
Most of our people are stars in their own right, and they know how to manage talents. A lot of us have “been there, done that” so we understand the needs and idiosyncrasies of our talents.
We don’t believe in egos, as we treat all our talents as family and work closely in developing their careers from scheduling, grooming, financial planning, and more.
We manage the right balance of exposure, sometimes overexposure, so the brand wins at the end of the day without undermining the integrity and credibility of the brand ambassador. Because both their interests are not mutually exclusive.
Our campaign strategists work with advertisers to ensure that when our biggest stars are part of a campaign journey, the brand itself is the key protagonist of the conversations.
Rocketfuel Entertainment recently signed up with British multi-brand, multi-channel sports lifestyle retailer JD Sports Fashion Sdn Bhd to develop digital content for their brand in Malaysia and across the region.



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