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We are slaves to machines

We are slaves to the machines
This is not a machine talking to you

I have something to share with you.

Technology has changed us, that’s true. There is no question about it.

In fact, technology has changed us so much, that the way we market
to our consumers has changed dramatically.

Especially if you want to use digital channels and digital platforms.

Think carefully.

Digital platforms are machines.

To talk through machines, you have to follow the machine’s protocol.

Think about it.

So, now you want to communicate to your audience

you must make sure that the machine accommodates your message,

in a way that it can make your message happen.

So now we got to learn how to communicate with the permission of machines.

And when we do that, it is not really a conversation that connects.

It is a mix match of using generic words which the machines can pick up and it has very little to do with persuasion, and more to do with what’s convenient and what’s trending.

So the conversations have all changed.

I don’t know.

Well, this is not a machine talking to you.

I suppose one day we will take over the machines again.

But for the moment.

It is about mechanising your communications to fit with the machines.

We are slaves to the machines.

Welcome to technology.

Video captions by GilaTerJemah

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