Visual Retale Disrupts Traditional Advertising With 3D Projections



( -Visual Retale recently launched their animated 3D floor projections that is set to innovate the out-of-home advertising game in Malaysia. With their 3D projections, advertisers and marketers can easily bring their brands to life in a variety of environments.

The MSC-status company, which launched in the UK a year ago is now bringing their 3D media to Malaysian markets. Each projection is meticulously crafted by 3D experts in their studio before carefully bring rendered to create life-like 3D illusions when projected onto floor surfaces.

Unquestionably, 3D media has real impact that delivers big customer engagement creating a ‘theatrical’ experience in almost any setting. Insights from a recent trial revealed that 3D media was successful at retaining attention and generating emotional responses from participants. Participants also initiated conversations about the brands that were being projected and associated them with being forward-thinkers.

Visual Retale’s CEO, Sailendra Kanagasundram believes that there is no limit to where their revolutionary 3D media can be placed to make a bold statement. This includes exhibitions, events, cinemas, banking halls, food outlets and single-branded stores. “Our trials show that people are likely to take a second glance when something appears to be out of the ordinary. That’s why we believe our 3D media also stands a powerful chance of cutting through clutter and making a visible impact almost anywhere.”

3D projections are anything but static with limitless storytelling powers. It communicates ideas in a far more compelling way than a flat poster or video ever could by injecting life-like movements into visuals. Marketers can easily create a sense of wonder and excitement in their campaigns using these vivid projections.

As the frontrunners of 3D media development, Visual Retale is giving advertisers the
opportunity to blur the line between fantasy and reality when it comes to enticing audiences. The company hopes their 3D media will help Malaysian clients break the mould of traditional advertising with its sense of virality and elevate engagement with customers.

For more information, visit Visual Retale’s website.

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