Tony Fernandes caught up in a Facebook Ad scam

Tony Fraud ads
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( –AirAsia’s Group CEO Tony Fernandes was recently linked to several scam ads on Facebook’s sponsored post which prompted users to click on the link to learn the ‘secrets’ to his success.

The ads which used Tony’s pictures carried titles which had shock value such as “They will EAT me alive for this!” and “They want my HEAD for revealing this secret” which linked back to credible news sites such as CNN and Forbes.

The ads according to local news reports were linked to trading scam pages.

Refuting any involvement with the scam ads the airlines shared in a statement,

“We would like to clarify that Tony Fernandes has not endorsed advertisements and we urge the public to ignore them and to refrain from sharing the articles in question.”

In the statement Air Asia urged the public to always check on their official social media channels for credible news sources or information.

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