#TGIM: The true Superhumans of the Olympics


We are the superheros Rio(marketingmagazine.com.my) – British broadcaster Channel 4 has released and inspirational advertisement many are calling ‘the best TV commercial ever produced’.

As the official broadcaster of this year’s Paralympic Games in Rio, Channel 4 released a three-minute advertisement promoting its coverage of the games.

The ad opens with a man without arms drumming beat to the beat of ‘Yes I can’ sung by a band of disabled singers.

Throughout the ad, the power and strength of the Olympians including UK Paralympic Wheelchair Racer- Hannah Cockcroft, US Paralympics Archer- Matt Stutzman and Netherlands Paralympics High Jumper- Joren Teeuwen were perfectly matched by the inspiring tune.

The ad which was created by Channel 4’s in-house creative unit 4creative has gotten well over a million views on YouTube since it was launched 3 days ago and received a stamp of approval from International Paralympic Council’s President Sir Philip Craven who called it ‘the best TV commercial ever produced’.

The ad is also made available in a signed, audio described and subtitled version.

 Yes I can Signed

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