Rocketfuel Entertainment behind popular singer Hazama’s viral video

 It was a video which puzzled and surprised many, a man with matted hair, torn up clothes, face covered in dirt and sung like an angel when he opened his mouth.


The video which has been circulating online earlier this month reached viral status when it racked up over 2.3 million views on Facebook in a matter of days and was also picked up by several local online portals 

It was later unveiled that the mystery singer was Hazama, a local singer who gained popularity having joined Astro’s reality program Akademi Fantasia- and the agency behind it was none other than Rocketfuel Entertainment

The new entertainment start up posted a video on their YouTube page documenting the amazing transformation of the singer. According to Rocketfuel Entertainment, it was done as a reminder to people to stop judging one another based on face value. The social experiment was also part of Rocketfuel Entertainment’s marketing strategy behind the upcoming release of Hazama’s “Aku bukan Dewa” single on 29 September 2017.

Check out their video below: 




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