MMC 2018: Real Conversations, Real Disruptions.

M.Krishnamoorthy, Associate Professor, Xiamen University Malaysia, veteran freelance journalist, formerly with CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and other international TV networks and publications attended the Malaysian Marketing Conference 2018.

He came away impressed. He believes this conference will be the talk of the town for years to come as a trendsetter in engaging participants.

The Malaysian Marketing Conference 2018 (MMC) beat all conferences hands down as it kept all 300 participants glued to the conversations.

Harmandar Singh, the advertising maverick turned publisher, pitched this conference to an altogether new level of creativity.

Ham, as the marketing community calls him affectionately, pulled out another disruption in the way the conference was structured around interactivity. This model, successfully displayed at MMC yesterday sets a new benchmark for future conferences across the industry.

So, the participants were set on to intellectually stimulating question rounds from the word go, through the online interactive software called

Participants shot off their queries on Mentimeter and speakers addressed them real-time.

Further upping the scale on interactivity, some speakers were only assigned to take the rapid-fire style questions by three moderators. Their instant queries used the mentimeter software.

Ham selected speakers who are at the forefront of adopting change and understanding the pulse of the changing market scenario. He also ensured themes and presentations were not humdrum; no sermonizing, highly engaging.

First speaker Tai Kam Leong, Maxis Head of Branding and Partnerships cautioned employers who complained about millennials. “Give them a chance and there are some diamonds among them.”

Tai Kam Leong, Maxis Head of Branding and Partnerships

He among other 15 other speakers proved a point that they are constantly agile, quick on their feet adjusting to constantly changing questions channeled through the mentimeter.

Malati Siniah, Digital Content Creator, viewed MMC as a piece of viral content that came to life. “As a moderator, it was exciting to see the number of questions that came flooding in when we put our panel of senior marketers during the Spotlight session.

Malaysian Media Conference 2018 Spotlight Sessions

“It took away the stress of walking up to the microphone. Thus, there was anonymity given by allowing delegates to submit their questions online.

This resulted in honest, insightful and engaging questions and answers”.
#AskMeMMC prompted some 400 over questions being asked and putting the speakers on the spot.

Malati added, “Some of the running themes that cropped up was building the trust in client-agency relationship, how marketers were prioritizing measurement, AI and its impact on the industry.

“We can only solve a problem by having a conversation about it. It’s exciting to see this happening at MMC 2018.”

MMC 2018 is also a lesson for all speakers, teachers, and leaders to keep their conversation lively in this digital age, failing which your messages will not be heard.

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