I made a mistake

2 years ago

And it’s not about sandwich making

It may be difficult for you to believe, but I am actually
attending this workshop by Subhendu Mukherjee next Monday.
Yes, in person, there for the whole day: listening, learning, taking notes.
Well, I attended his previous workshop on how Data can help win new business.
But I was delinquent, running in and out of the room, not paying attention to him.
Later, I felt guilty for it. As I learnt it was my loss. Not anymore.
I want to learn how to mine data and create a content rich platform.
You may have your own reasons: winning new business, crafting killer strategies,
beat your competition with a brilliant insight, ride the power of stealth marketing,
or just earn bragging rights as a crash-coursed Data Scientist at your meetings.
You choose, I have chosen.
To join me, and enjoy a turkey ham sandwich, call Ruby now 03-77262588.
Before you make the same mistake I made.
Professor Harmandar Singh aka Ham – UPSI (2017/18)
Publisher, MARKETING magazine Malaysia
As of January 18, 2018 @1.30pm, there are only two seats left for this workshop.