GOXUAN – Engaging today’s Chinese Gen Z Audience

[metaslider id=15337] In October 2017, GOXUAN was launched specifically for the new generation of tech-savvy, mobile and socially connected Chinese Gen Z Malaysians, who are seen as trendsetters and influencers in the digital and social media space. Unlike any other radio brand in Malaysia, GOXUAN is visually-led.

Astro Radio has built a state-of-the-art live broadcast studio from which the brand streams live entertainment content via its digital platforms throughout the day.

MARKETING Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with the very welcoming and chirpy Chew Wei Boon, Content Manager for Astro Radio’s new brand GOXUAN.

We were very blown away by the studio set-up and the level of intricacy involved in putting together the 360° content on GOXUAN.

1. Do you think traditional radio is still relevant to today’s consumer?

Yes. If you look at the numbers, traditional radio is still a very relevant medium.

The results for this year’s Wave 1 Radio Audience Measurement survey shows that radio listenership amongst individuals aged 10+ in Peninsular Malaysia has reached 96.7%, an equivalent to 20.2 million weekly listeners.

This is actually an increase of 514k from the previous survey. Today, radio as a medium has evolved and the content that we create is consumed across multiple platforms. This is why GOXUAN was created. To fill the changing media consumption patterns of our Gen Z target audience.

2. How does GOXUAN differ itself and its content from its other sister Chinese radio brands?

GOXUAN’s entire content creation process and physical studio set up is different from any other radio brand in Malaysia.

We have carefully selected an influential group of talents that reflect the behaviour and taste of our target audience, Chinese Gen Z Malaysians.

Our talents are heavily involved in pitching ideas and coming up with creative content executions. Everything we do is digital-first, instead of merely taking on-air content and adapting it for online.

On top of that, GOXUAN has a very unique studio set-up. We knew from the get-go that we had to be visually and digitally-led.

In our studio, we have constructed state-of-the-art live broadcasting technology that allows us to live stream content multiple times a day. With that, our audience gets to experience GOXUAN not just as an audio platform.


3. How does GOXUAN maintain the attention of its audience?

Through our research, we knew we had to be visually and digitally-led to capture the attention of our target audience.

Gen Z are notorious for having short attention spans, so whenever we produce content, we always keep it punchy and high energy, with an element of surprise.

Some of our more popular videos are those that feature food and hang out reviews, K-pop dance covers, as well as our “GOXUAN Top 5 Offfff” series that highlights the top five trending topics of the week. On average, our videos receive just over 1 million views a month.

4. How can GOXUAN help marketers connect with Gen-Z?

We are a team of experienced storytellers who can help marketers seamlessly integrate their brands into our GOXUAN narrative.

This is especially important for this audience because Gen Z are very skeptical towards traditional advertising and tend to block things like banner ads out.

Coupled with the strength of our young, influential talent, the branded content that GOXUAN produces can create cut-through for marketers’ brands.

Take for instance our partnership with U Mobile to promote their prepaid offering to a young, urban Chinese audience on GOXUAN’s Night Show.

During the mobile gaming segment, our talents would natively integrate U Mobile’s product offerings while playing and reviewing mobile games.

We also created branded content for U Mobile, such as a video that depicts the top five annoying situations that occur when people have bad mobile connections.

MARKETING Magazine also got to play around in the GOXUAN studio, hats off to the talents and Content Manager for such a great job!

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