Entropia launches Elon, a mapping platform for shoppers personalised needs

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Entropia launches Elon, an omnichannel customer journey mapping platform

Entropia’s head of CX Sourabh Agarwal and head of technology Taher Chhabrawala

Consulting agency Entropia launched Elon, an omnichannel customer journey mapping platform, a proprietary technology developed in house.

Elon is expected to integrate the data footprint across campaigns, customer relationship management (CRM) website, eCommerce, customer service and in-store.

This integration gives a true picture of a customer, their brand needs, where they are placed when it comes to purchasing and allows for better segmentation.

Entropia head of technology Taher Chhabrawala said that businesses are moving from the world of data evangelism to data realism.

“It doesn’t take long to realize that owning millions of profile data can present a highly misleading picture, unless you have a full view across the journey & not just based on campaign data. Elon is conceived to breach the data silos and bring this facility to clients who may not yet be ready for full cloud, but want customization, ownership, affordability and security.”

Sourabh Agrawal, Head of CX for Entropia added – “Elon is yet another piece in our efforts to bring seamless Integration between campaigns, CRM and Commerce – that is transforming traditional marketing. It completes the loop on our Integrity planning process and personalized creativity offering – both of which run across the journey.”

The idea behinds this is to be able to anticipate a shopper’s needs. The future of commerce is personal.

“Customers will expect businesses not just to respond to them but to anticipate their needs and be extremely relevant too,” he said.

Entropia’s senior partner Prashant Kumar said personalisation will be the key.

“Elon wants to build people centric and not platform centric businesses,” he added.


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