Watsons reminds Malaysians that even though we are miles apart, we can still feel great together this Aidilfitri

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Watsons Malaysia recently launched a Raya campaign with the theme “Jauh di Mata, Tetap Beraya”, to tell Malaysians that we still can conquer the current challenges together and celebrate Raya despite the looming uncertainties we face.

Watsons Malaysia has always taken pride in their star-studded and over-the-top Raya films in the previous years, but this year’s campaign came with an unexpected challenge: How do we continue to produce a lighthearted, captivating film under the current situation and the movement control order (MCO)? Thankfully, with the great collaboration between Naga DDB Tribal and Graph Studio, Watsons has managed to bring Jauh di Mata, Tetap Beraya to life with remote shooting execution, work-from-home style.

“Watsons produces this short film to remind everyone that despite all the challenges including staying a distance with your loved ones, Hari Raya can still be celebrated sincerely and wholeheartedly. Producing this short film was not as easy as it was due to the restrictions and limitations but the outcome is what we were all anticipating of which is to send this message to everyone that all Malaysians can still celebrate Aidilfitri together no matter what happened” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director, Watsons Malaysia.

Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia added that while it was challenging, but it’s also creatively done via video conference call, and seeing all the talents play their role so well and so willing to put in the extra mile to help produce the film. He hope this film would bring smiles and joy to every Malaysian and be able to remind everyone no matter how far we apart are, we are all still going through this together.

The main film shows how a family, especially the youngest child, copes with the current situation that we are all facing with this Raya – with so many uncertainties and restrictions. Nevertheless, Watsons’ ambassador, Ayda Jebat comes in to remind everyone that we can still celebrate Raya sincerely and wholeheartedly, despite the distance between us and the challenges we face.

“It has always been Naga’s way of work of marrying data with creativity. With robust data from the strategic planning team, the realism of consumers’ sentiments towards Raya during these testing times have been reflected in an entertaining manner through the video”, said Kevin Teh, Head of Brand Management, Naga DDB Tribal.

The video also features prominent celebrities and friends to be part of the celebration, including Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan, Yaya Zahir, Nazrudin Rahman, Alyssa Dezek, Sean Lee, Jinnyboy, Amber Chia, Fiqrie and Nithya who were all more than willing to shoot from home via video conference call.

There is also a TV commercial and a set of extension videos which highlight the products that will be on sales at Watsons this Raya. Last but not least, Watsons Malaysia is also giving away Duit Raya worth of RM1,000,000 Watsons Points to their 100,000 members. Each member will be credited with RM10 Watsons points once they fill up their information at watsons.com.my.

Watch the video below:

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