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( – By: Malati Siniah

Local café chain, Zawara Coffee made the headlines of local newspapers yesterday when its latest marketing gimmick went awry.

The café had modified an army vehicle which carried two rocket launchers into a food truck to promote their café in Cyberjaya.

Unamused over the stunt, yesterday two of the cafe’s employees driving the truck were arrested by local police who also ceased the vehicle.

The truck which carried the café’s branding and social media sites were plastered all over yesterday’s major dailies.

According to local reports, Zawara Coffee Sdn Bhd Group CEO Kamarul Ariff apologised over the panic created by their marketing stunt.

Kamarul explained that the replicas of the rocket launchers which carried the slogan “Take A Shot”, was aimed at encouraging customers to try their espresso coffee. The company had been using the same vehicle for over two months and had even displayed it at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

According to Kamarul this was the first time the company had received complaints about the issue.

Police arrest or no, this gimmick definitely got the people and the press talking about Zawara Café.

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