The Malaysian Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) Conference is back!

This annual gathering once again brings the best of marketing minds in the Malaysian and global marketplace.

Brought to you by the International Advertising Association (IAA) Malaysia and Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), and presented by the Malaysian CMO Circle.

This year our constellation of speakers comprise CMOs, CEOs, Digital Marketing Experts and even the legendary brand of the decade - the story of Manchester United. Presented by the man who handled their global marketing strategies!

The CMO Circle brings together industry experts to discuss and deliberate on the issues faced by the Malaysian marketing landscape through power luncheons, roundtables, summits and talks involving marketing industry leaders from across the world, It also aims to pursue the development of talent and create a platform for effective dialogue.

What has Manchester United got to do with Marketing?

Everything you say? Nothing? Are we talking customers or fans? We ask Peter Draper, former Group Marketing Director for Manchester United who is speaking at the Malaysian Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) Conference on March 21 for answers.

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Reinventing the way you work!

You must have heard it all before Social Media is the new mantra... more times the only mantra. Big Data will dominate the marketing landscape. ROI is now Return of Impression. Digital natives know better, digital immigrants are not cutting it. The third screen...

It can get too much after a while, especially when technology is ahead of the knowledge curve. You already have your hands full with boardroom battles and fleeting budgets.

So this is the time to step back. On March 21, you’ll get not only the full picture but the right picture.

How realtime market leaders are surfing the real changes and coming out winning. So you can see the tsunami from the giant waves.

Listen to experts who will not only stimulate your mind and challenge your thinking moving forward, but will inspire you to greatness for the coming year!

Just look at the speakers we have in store!

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