Your mission should you choose to accept: The Apple iPhone event

September 14, 2018

Mission Impossible spoof opens Apple iPhone event

Minutes before Apple’s big unveiling, Tim Cook sent out a tweet, one that deceivingly appeared as a private tweet: “No. Who can get it here quickly?”

No surprise that the tweet garnered hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes before being taken down. With Apple’s event starting in mere minutes, everyone wanted to know why whatever it was needed to get there quickly, but most importantly what is “it”?

It was then revealed when Apple’s event began, showing an employee rushing a top-secret briefcase to Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater before the event could begin, Tom Cruise Mission Impossible style.

Humorously though, Edward Sanchez who works at Apple commented that the employee in the video took the long route. “She must be new at Apple Park —I probably took similar routes in my first week here,” Sanchez commented.

However, we believe the detour was likely meant to show off Apple Park, which was still unfinished at last year’s iPhone event and only became the company’s official corporate address this February. The complex was in development for several years, and in fact some of its design concepts stem from former CEO Steve Jobs.



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