Will you sign up for INTI’s latest Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese New Year programme?

4 years ago

 (marketingmagazine.com.my)– How many of us know our cultural roots and traditions? And how many of us struggle to remember the right way to address our relatives?

With the intention of spreading festive cheer and a good dosage of humour, INTI International University and Colleges’ in its latest festive video, titled “Introducing INTI’s Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese New Year” released on Friday, is receiving positive reviews on social media.


Facebook comments from INTI’s latest video

“As an education institution, we feel the responsibility of teaching our students the importance of upholding their cultural values, especially in this day and age where we often take things for granted.
Youths these days are easily approachable with humour. Hence we decided to create a video that is rich in content and could also tickle your funny bone. We are glad the netizens have taken it the right way,” Timothy Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products & Partnerships at INTI International University & Colleges shared.

Shot in collaboration with Fisherman Integrated and Graph Studio, the video features Phoon Chi Ho, one of Malaysia’s leading stand-up comedian as Professor Kok who teaches us the three syllabuses that are part of the Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese New Year programme. The syllabuses include Get to Know Your Family Tree, Pantang Larangs Explained and Ang Pow Guaranteed Hacks. The ensuing scenario, depicting the syllabuses is a laugh riot.

Joyce Gan, Group Client Services Director at Fisherman Integrated added, ”INTI has always been at the forefront of utilising digital media as a communication tool. They understand the importance of coming up with interesting content online in engaging with their students. Thus, we came up with the idea of an imaginary degree programme to convey the message.”

The video has so far received over 35,000 views and 376 shares on Facebook and over 1,800 views.

Check out the video for yourself below:


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