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Who says banks can’t be sexy

International independent branding firm Shift has teamed up with to come up with a sleek and new design for the banking group’s suite of global cards. This is the first time a global bank has unified its entire card portfolio around a single design. 

The design will is to be rolled out to more than 30 countries and features the iconic HSBC Lions in its modern design with premium card materials. According to the banking group its new credit, debit and ATM cards are a nod to the story of how the Lions have come to guard the legacy of a global bank.

Audrey Wong, Global Head of Retail Banking Marketing at HSBC, shared, “With millions of HSBC debit and credit cards in circulation globally, our cards are the most visible asset of our brand. Our purpose for embarking on a global card design was to unify, streamline and contemporize our card portfolio worldwide, whilst setting it apart from others by using an iconic symbol of the bank.”

“The HSBC Lions, Stephen and Stitt, whose statues have guarded the entrance to our headquarters in Hong Kong for almost a century, are now visible in HSBC offices worldwide, including Shanghai, London, Toronto, Vancouver and Mexico City. They reflect our rich history and spirit of resilience, and also stand for the values of protection and prosperity that HSBC strives to deliver to our customers,” she adds.

Toby Johnston, Partner and Creative Director at Shift added, “Redesigning such an important part of the HSBC identity – its cards – was an exciting opportunity but also a great responsibility. We were inspired by the iconic lion statues, but needed to interpret them authentically since they’re so iconic in the communities they watch over.

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