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Where is Media heading in 2016?

themedia 656(Marketingmagazine.com.my) –It’s rather difficult to classify 2015 considering the number of earth shattering events that have taken place. The Ringgit is at an all-time low in the market putting a severe dampener on travel plans for the not-so-wealthy. Not everyone is keen on domestic travel considering the risks of actually driving to a destination in some part of Kelantan or Perlis, let alone heading to Melaka!!!

That monetary setback aside, the GST caused some headaches forcing many small but long running family businesses to close shop. Others felt the implementation at this time was ill-advised, as the budget deficit was still not rectified.

Then came high profile Cabinet sackings and news of funds going into personal accounts. Cries of corruption rang out loud and clear. Street demonstrations also got major coverage. Yet the country has stayed in one piece, strong as ever and looking forward to a better year in 2016.

The driving force behind any successful economic outlook remains the Media, who have the power to influence trends, make or break initiatives. In this country, the Media is vibrant and forthright, although bias is sometimes seen in particular media.

Nevertheless, the local Media is respected and seen as an equal partner in the overall well-being and growth of the country.

MARKETING Magazine Malaysia will carry a broad based Supplement on The Media: Future Trends for its year end edition.

This will be the opportunity for the media to plot out its position in the new year, to garner support for its pet projects and to highlight to its readers cum viewers cum users what’s in store in 2016. People remain hungry for news, views, consumer products, gadgets, new innovations and improvements to existing offerings. With change, nothing moves forward. The Media is fully aware of this and its role in nation building and the welfare of this country.

Download PDF here and book your front seat into the future! 

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14 September, 2015 

Grand Ballroom, Sime Darby Convention Centre 

The Next Best Thing is You! 

As creativity embraces a myriad of media possibilities, new skill sets come into play in our borderless world. 

This global gathering of breakthrough thinkers will inspire marketers and the creative community in Malaysia 

to excel beyond the sea of sameness. Marketing communications professionals who want to lead change 

and profit from better creativity will win at this one-day phenomenal event.

KEYNOTE: Tham Khai Meng – Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy & Mather, New York 

• Nils Andersson – President & Chief Creative Officer TBWA\ Greater China 

• Merlee Jayme – Chairman & Chief Creative Officer DM9 Jayme Syfu, Philippines 

 • Yasu Sasaki – Executive Creative Director Dentsu Aegis Network/Dentsu Inc.

• Sonal Dabral – Chairman & Chief Creative Officer DDB Mudra Group, India  

• Vinod Savio-  Integrated Creative Director DDB Group/Tribal Worldwide, Singapore 

• Steve Molloy – Creative Director & App Strategist, LOMAH Studios, Sydney 

• Pat Law – Founder of Social Influence Agency GOODSTUPH  

• Steve Lawler – Head of Creative, Kult Magazine 




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