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2 years ago

How To Win Votes And Influence People Using Social Media – Chris Greenough

In the inaugural issue of the tabloid version of MARKETING, Chris Greenough, CMO & Co-Founder, HYPERLAB spilled on how social media plays a major role in Malaysia’s general elections. With 100% of Malaysian netizens consisting of social media users, mobile social media has rocketed from 70% in 2013 to 90% in 2017. So it should be no surprise that all political parties have realised that social media is a key tool in reaching their audience.
Chris pointed out the emerging trends that all marketers should take note of and apply in their business.
Identify Your Segments
While many parties are employing data companies to listen, each is executing in different ways. BN parties have focused on building segmented fan bases, while opposition parties have been focused on increasing engagement.
The Democratic Action Party has employed a top-down approach, leverages targeting capabilities from their centralised page, posting a staggering 65X per week! According to Socialbakers, a vast majority of DAP posts are promoted, which has earned them 43 of the top 50 most engaging political posts on Facebook. Meanwhile, UMNO has taken a bottom-up approach, creating multiple Facebook pages that cater to each of their segments at a grassroots level.
By segmenting their voters, political parties are able to use state-centric venacular and discuss issues that directly affect their audience.
Create 1:1 Conversations
Improved 4G networks and 6 million more mobile social users since GE13 have made having a mobile strategy imperative for modern political parties in Malaysia. As a result, almost all major political parties assert that WhatsApopportunities and challenges that social media presents to the public sector.
Amanah for example heavily relies on WhatsApp groups, created by leaders in the local surau, parent-teachers’ associations, and other neighbourhood groups to communicate. While Amanah employs a grassroots strategy, former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, created memes designed to be shared in messaging apps.
Tun M memes
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