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Tohtonku teams up with BBDO for Malaysia’s skincare market

BBDO Malaysia will create campaigns for skincare brands Nutox and Nanowhite

One of Malaysia’s most well-known local brands Tohtonku has appointed BBDO Malaysia as its partner agency.

BBDO will be responsible for developing creative campaigns for two of Tohtonku’s star skincare brands – Nutox and Nanowhite.

Whilst Nutox offers anti-ageing skincare that promotes youthfulness, Nanowhite is a whitening skincare range that leverages nanotechnology to deliver fast and lasting results.

Despite their difference in brand positioning and target audience, BBDO will be tasked with creating campaigns for the beauty and skincare category, appealing to a new generation of consumers who are much more critical about conventional beauty ads.

“As an agency that seeks to create the most culturally relevant work, we are honoured to work with an established local brand specifically designed for Malaysians,” said Farrah Harith McPherson, General Manager of BBDO Malaysia.

“As a local company competing against big international brands, we can’t think of a more suitable partner to further elevate our status—more than great skincare products, we want to offer Malaysians a brand message that is truly in sync with their wants and needs,” added Vicky Lim, Head of Marketing of Tohtonku.

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