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Tis’ the Season to Be Social

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by Yvonne Tey, Marketing Director of APAC at Hootsuite 

For many, it’s not Christmas till you hit the shopping malls on Christmas Eve with a last minute shopping list, the willpower to brave the crowds and a note to self to never procrastinate with Christmas shopping ever again.

Retailers have implemented different initiatives to encourage more people to shop early – special deals, discounts and even free shipping. Many retailers are also turning to social media to not only increase their brand awareness but more importantly communicate with their customers.

With Asia as one of the leading adopters of social media and mobile devices, how can retailers better leverage this opportunity to reach out to their customers and drive sales?


1.       Effective social listening

Facebook posts, Twitter updates and Instagram postings are shaping how many communicate these days. When you refer to some of the trending topics, it’s evident that social media is filled with discussions of varying interests, which could possibly include your brand.

Retailers are increasingly tracking and monitoring interest of their brands online to garner feedback and also to better engage with their customers via platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In order to get to the insights, retailers have to first sieve through the wide array of social media platforms and millions of online chat conversations. Hootsuite is working closely with customers to assist with social listening with tools such as dashboard search filters and streams to help them organize and prioritize their requirements.

2.       Geo-tagging your social posts

Another way to filter online conversations and insights that are relevant to your brand is by using location-based filters (also known as geo-tagging) on Instagram and Twitter. For instance, by narrowing your search results to only show Tweets from within your location, you can focus on engaging with potential customers who are more likely to purchase from your store.

A good rule of thumb is to be more specific as you define your geographic radius and combine it with other search techniques such as keyword searches.

Retailers can leverage geo-tagged posts and attract people within the vicinity with deals such as flash sales or hourly special deals. Location-based filters can also help you to monitor items that shoppers are keen in your area. Retailers should take advantage of this wealth of information to activate real time and reactive marketing to attract customers.

3.       Rewarding your audiences with social incentive

Social media marketing is only effective when complemented with attractive incentives, deals and rewards. The holiday season is the best time to reward and engage customers.

An example is Body Shop Malaysia. The brand is leveraging the festive season and targeting last-minute shoppers online by posting a discount voucher on their Facebook page so that people can enjoy the Christmas deal at their stores. 


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