The rise of the customer happiness index

9 months ago

When it comes to customer service in the aviation industry, we all have our horror stories to share and experiences that we rather forget.

But of course, there are times when everything goes to plan and everyone manages to get through the journey and emerges as a happy camper.

In the case of AirAsia, the rise of their chatbot AVA, AirAsia Virtual Allstar, is all about making sure the customer’s happiness index is at an all-time high.

The company renamed its customer care team to customer happiness and values the feedback to make improvements for them.

According to Adam Geneave, the chief customer happiness officer at AirAsia, the airline is laser focused on customer strategy and the customer journey as a whole.

Speaking to The Drum, Geneave said that all the interactions that they have today is through messaging services and social media channels.

“That means the way they want to talk to us is changing…we are closing our voice call centers this year based on the fact our customers now primarily want to talk to us through platforms like WeChat and WhatsApp,” he explained.

He says that as a company, the internal team can control a host of issues that relate to recruitment and training as well.

“We are able to use that service for our customers, and that’s really critical as well,” he added.

He says brands need to understand that people do not want to contact call centers, like being on hold for half an hour.

So, it’s time for companies to embrace technology in a big way and make customer happiness a priority once again.

Source: The Drum




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