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The creative future report – an insight

Creative Future Report

When it comes to being a creative individual in the world of advertising, it’s not always easy to be a ray of sunshine at all times.

Creatives are what makes the world go round in adland and the team at Adobe 99U recently conducted a “Creative Future Survey” to gauge the pulse of the industry.

A total of 3,641 creatives across the world participated in the Creative Future Survey, and the results were interesting, to say the least.

Being cautiously bullish is the way to go.

When asked to imagine where they’ll get their work done in the next 5-10 years, nearly 40% of creatives said anywhere there’s Wi-Fi; another 27% said at home, while 25% said in an office.

And even though co-working spots are on the rise, just 11% of creatives see themselves getting most of their work done in one in the future.

Despite many organizations continuing to shift to a remote work environment, the creatives surveyed said that talking in-person will be their preferred means of communication in the future (37%).

Email was rated slightly more preferable to Slack and other chat platforms (20% vs. 17%). Text and phone were voted the least preferred (4% each).

32% of our survey participants said they’re most motivated to learn more about artificial intelligence to future-proof their careers.

3D printing was close behind (25%), followed by augmented reality (23%) and virtual reality (16%). What aren’t creatives eager to dive into? Blockchain (4%).

AI and Machine Learning dominates once again.

Ultimately, most creatives want more money, time and influence. Tina Essmaker, a creative coach, believes more time in the day represents the freedom to think, dream, and simply be.

“As creators, we need downtime to feel refreshed, yet much of our days are spent tackling to-do lists… I would urge us to do less, refrain from filling that space, and, dare I say, allow ourselves to teeter on boredom, she said.

“More influence equals a larger platform and more opportunities to create meaningful work….it can offer increased autonomy and control over our own creative destinies, and allows us to lift others up.

She concludes by saying that “the desire for influence is really about our desire to self-determine our course.” One could not agree more.

Source: Adobe

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