Space saving airline seats not sitting well with passengers

Italian seat manufacturer Aviointeriors has developed new “airplane standing seats,” collectively dubbed the ‘Skyrider’, that promises to save space.

The space however comes at the expense of comfort.

Speaking at the Aircraft interiors Exo 2019 in Hamburg, Germany, Gaetano Perugini—Aviointeriors’ engineering advisor—said the ‘Skyrider’ would help aircrafts reach maximum capacity by “cramming” their economy seats with the standing seats instead.

The ‘Skyrider’ was introduced in 2010, but had to be redesigned after structural issues were raised.

The second version was unveiled in 2018 with an accompanying pole to keep the seats stable. After undergoing another redesign, the final prototype shows the seats without the pole.

Because the seats aren’t as comfortable as most people would like, they are recommended only for short flights spanning up to three hours.

Naturally, the design has been criticized by social media users, who remark that no flying experience—even shorter ones—would be deemed comfortable should it host these standing seats.


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