Shining Light on Deepavali through Colours of Sophistication, Depth and Grandeur with Dulux paint

The story of Deepavali is renowned the world over – it is a story about how Ramayanam went to great lengths to save his wife, Sita from the evil demon king, King Ravana.

In celebration of his victory over King Ravana, the nation lit up oil lamps all over the kingdom to symbolise the triumph of light over darkness. Deepavali is now celebrated yearly to commemorate this tradition steeped in history.

In fact, this rich tradition can be applied onto our daily lives as well, in which we can view “light” to render colours into significant aspects of our day-to-day musing.

This is because colours are not only for aesthetic purposes, for when used correctly, can influence our mood positively.

For example, people relate the colour blue with calmness and peace. Yellow, on the other hand has been known to induce happiness and cheerfulness.

As we spend a good amount of time at home, here is how we can use the play of colours to evoke the atmosphere that we want.

The Dulux Ambiance range is a selection of special effects paints that adds not only colour to your walls, but also texture and motion.

Also available in a multitude of colour options, the Ambiance range has something to suit everyone’s taste. Dulux Ambiance is considered to be the premium paint for those who want something extra.

This range includes Metallic, Linen, Marble, Velvet and ColourMotion.

To celebrate this Deepavali festival, a good option would be to paint your walls that reflect the celebration of light. Use Dulux Ambiance in either Metallic, Velvet or Linen to give depth to otherwise plain, single-toned walls and surfaces.


The Dulux Ambiance Metallic Special Effects paint is inspired by a dazzling metallic effect and is available in four different colours: gold, silver, bronze and copper.

During Deepavali, something shiny and extravagant are great choices to go with as these special effects paint is suitable for feature walls – a centre piece for any home.

For this, we suggest the Metallic Silver Chorus Rouge (10YR 28/361) as it gives a touch of celebration, sophistication and grandeur.


As for the Dulux Ambiance Velvet Special Effects paint, subtleness and gracefulness go hand-in-hand.

Add a touch of luxury with the Velvet effect, which is inspired by smooth and silky satin fabric.

The effect created by the Velvet Special Effects paint can be relaxing and create feelings of peace and harmony throughout the entire living space. This Deepavali, we suggest using Velvet Gold Amber (01YY 36/694) as this hue is almost similar to saffron, the sacred colour of Hinduism.


Want a cool, calm and relaxing space? The Dulux Ambiance Linen Special Effects paint delivers just that. It is inspired by natural and picturesque linen to give your wall a unique fabric-like texture.

As for Linen special effects, we recommend the use of Linen Rouge (10YR 28/361).

This colour creates the feeling of love, elegance and grace that exemplifies Deepavali’s celebration of lights.

Colour Motion

Make colour and effects come alive like never before with Dulux Ambiance Colour Motion.

With a different sight under a different light, Dulux Ambiance Colour Motion is a special effect revealing subtle unique shades when viewed at different angles.

Personalise walls by giving a unique look in every angle in just a few steps by using Colour Motion Rich Navy (50BB 08/171), which pairs well with shades of purple, perfect for this Deepavali.

A simple change of colour can play a profound role in your home and even change your outlook of your own home.

With a simple flick of the Dulux Ambiance Metallic, Velvet or Linen in living room, living spaces and bedrooms, it adds a level of sophistication and depth into any surface.

In time for Deepavali, it is also able to accentuate light which comes into your home, thus creating an alluring but welcoming home for the owner as well as guests.

MARKETING’s CMO Conference Returns with a Stellar Line-Up

Last year’s sold out conference is back! BIGGER, BETTER and with a NEW awards show to celebrate Malaysia’s best marketers.
Now in its 7th year, the Chief Marketing Officers Conference is a gathering of trailblazers in the Malaysian Marketing sphere.
With a bold yet relevant theme of ‘Goodbye Marketing, Hello Engagement’ this year’s conference will bring you up to speed with what’s going on in the Malaysian marketplace.

The change makers who will take the stage on the 16th of November include:

• Damien Crittenden, VP Client Strategy, Xaxis
• Ben Mahmud, Head Strategy, Business Dev, Petronas Dagangan Bhd
• Dato’ Dr.Hussamuddin Hj. Yaacub, Chairman CEO & Group MD, Karangkraf Media Group
• Lim Imun, General Manager-Marketing Munchworld
• Juliana Chua, GM of Marketing, Pavilion KL
• Tai Kam Leong, Head of Branding & Partnership, Maxis
• Rishi Pahwa, Head of Marketing, Wipro Ginvera Marketing Ent Sdn Bhd
• Schrene Goh, Head of Marketing (Global Market) Malaysia Airlines
• Kenny Wong, CMO Sunrise Berhad ….and more!

The 7th Malaysian CMO Conference & Awards
Date:16th November 2018
Venue: The Grand Ballroom, Sime Darby Convention Centre

For further details on the conference and awards visit: Or contact Amira/Ruby for further details: 03 7726 2588

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