Rocketfuel Entertainment’s Harvinth Skin gives JD Sports salesman a scare!

2 years ago

Ever dreamt of putting on that gorgeous pair of shoes and running straight out from the store? Malaysia’s favourite influencer Harvinth Skin has got you covered there.

In the 45 second video, Harvinth is seen trying on a pair of shoes.

He then gets up on the pretext of checking if the shoes were comfortable and then runs straight out of the store.

The salesman who was assisting Harvinth runs after him only to be confused when Harvinth turns around and runs back to the store.

The look of relief on the salesman’s face!

The video which was posted up only 12 hours ago has already gotten 8.1 million views, 140K expressions, 38K comments, 276K shares and counting!

Netizens are loving the video. Sarah Sarah commented “I’ve been watching this for 5 times and I’m still laughing”. Netizens also praised the salesman at JD Sports stating that he was good and responsible with the chase after Harvinth.

The video has also received worldwide attention.

Harvinth Skin is a YouTube star who is widely known for his SkinTv channel. He has gained popularity there for his discussion of Indian and Malaysian culture through original comedic characters and sketches.