RHB’s promotes racial harmony in Merdeka Day video

RHB’s message this Merdeka Day is for Malaysian’s to put aside their racial and ethnic differences and think as one. The message is depicted in a heart-warming video below.


This film dramatises a universal social issue by taking the audience into a colour-coded world, where a clear divide exists between the rich and the poor, the urban and the rural, the employers and the employees, and so on.

The first half of this film depicts a cold and sullen society marred by fear, uncertainty and distrust. Tension builds as groups of people wearing clothes of different colours find themselves in conflict situations.

The climax of this film arrives when one protagonist from each scenario takes the first progressive step by opening the door that had been keeping people apart.

This is when the colours of the clothes turn into white; the only element that had been separating the groups is now removed. With everyone wearing only one colour, the second half of the film naturally takes on a different tone.

The world suddenly becomes warmer, friendlier and closer, as every person now belongs on the same side – the side of progress.

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See Beyond Colour


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Film Director: Rewan Ishak


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