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BTO Cosmic( – By: Malati Siniah

Typically known as a ‘traditional’ medium, Out- of-Home (OOH) players have to work twice as hard to capture the attention of digitally savvy consumers of today.

In the past few years, Big Tree Outdoor (BTO) has not only been innovating its offering to clients but ensuring that the industrial design of the products created by BTO are registered to maintain its exclusivity.

Over 10 of its product’s industrial design, including [email protected], LuMi Pillar and Capsule located at strategic locations in urban areas which feature a new and unique design, have been registered by BTO.

Shukor BTO

In an interview with MARKETING, Mohamad Shukor Ariffin, General Manager – Operations, Big Tree Outdoor (pictured) shared that the intellectual property (IP) of its designs were protected under the relevant laws in order to protect it from plagiarism and ensure the exclusivity of its inventories.

The process of registering for IP was a tedious one shared Shukor and to ensure that they were on the right track the team worked closely with Malaysia’s authority on IP, the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

The payoff, however, was worth it.

“The distinctive and aesthetic design have garnered significant interest from clients, business partners as well as competitors. With these distinctive offerings, the clients are willing to spend more based on the feedback and ROI which they have received by running their advertising and promotions on BTO’s latest inventories.” Shukor added.

Among the clients which have already ran their campaigns on BTO’s latest industrially-designed inventories include Audi, Mercedes, BMW and KLM.

The New

Riding on its successful innovation, BTO has invested in its research and development (R&D) arm to come up with new products to introduce to the local market.

“We are currently in the final stages of our R&D process, and will soon announce our new line of industrially-designed inventories” Shukor shared.

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