Off the Shelf: The New Face of Personal Care

4 years ago


( – By: Malati Siniah
This week in Off the Shelf we look at an innovative new product developed not only to deliver the right solution for consumers but to also help them save money.

We spoke to Venkat Jangam, Marketing Manager, Wipro-Unza to find out how they developed and promoted their latest product entrant in 2016, Dashing No Gas Deodorant.


Why did you think this new product was suitable for the Malaysian market?

Based on the observation that Malaysian men were facing a great disappointment with the current deodorant spray format as it only lasts for 2-3 weeks. We have launched an innovative No gas deodorant which contains 100% deodorant liquid that can provide up to 750 sprays per can and able to last up to 2 months. Besides providing 6-in-1 benefits, consumers can now enjoy twice the fragrance compared to normal deodorants and save costs.

What were some of the marketing activities you launched to promote the brand?

We have initiated 360 degrees campaign involving key mediums like TV, Digital, Print, on-ground, in-store, billboards & mobile truck activation.

What were some of the challenges you faced when launching this product in Malaysia and how did you overcome it?

While the product concept was exciting, it was quite challenging during the product development phase to ensure superior consumer experience with the new format. Thanks to our world class R&D capabilities, the quick drying technology helps in keeping underarms feeling dry and prevents bacteria growth whilst providing unparalleled and everlasting freshness throughout the day. Also each spray delivers wider coverage of deodorant liquid on the body.

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