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#Take25 campaign by Julie’s Biscuits is a movement to encourage people to take 25 minutes from their busy schedule to unwind for the sake of their mental health.

The covid-19 pandemic has in a way taken a toll on Malaysians’ mental health in terms of long-term effect. This has been proven as there is a  25% increase in anxiety and depression that has been reported worldwide.

Therefore, with this campaign the goal is to encourage people to take care of themselves to avoid the deterioration of their mental health that would contribute to the increase of anxiety and depression.

Julie’s Biscuits Director Tzy Horng Sai said: “As the producer of the OAT 25 biscuits, one of the healthier snack options for many consumers, we would like to communicate that on top of  encouraging healthy snacking, we are also looking to advocate taking scheduled breaks as  part of your wellness practice.”

“Pomodoro technique” could be one of the ways to do so which is promoting productivity but also to include 25-minute intervals apart from the other ways to tackle the mental health issue.

This campaign was a product of collaboration between Julie’s Biscuits with the creative agency GOVT, and the contents used in the videos portrays the unique ways people use to unwind through three different videos also including advertisements that considers the strategic location of Malaysia and Singapore.

GOVT Creative Partner Aaron Koh said : “Everyone has their own version of me time. The campaign encourages everyone to unwind in their own unique ways no matter how unconventional.”

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