MARKETING issue #235 has the OOH factor!

As we prepare to receive campaign entries for The APPIES Malaysia 2019 marketing awards, we are reminded about the rapid developments happening in Malaysia’s Out of Home (OOH) media space. Apparently, it is not fashionable to say Outdoor anymore… Our cover story homes in on Big Tree CEO Shukor who share a progressive outlook on the OOH industry amidst the big stampede to embrace digital. 

We also talk about how Facebook is also about national elections, the changing face of CMOs, top CNY TVCs, Big Data and more.


Cover Story: How Geo-Fencing, Facial Recognition, Mobile, Live Streaming is changing OOH… Newbies who meet Shukor may think he is a professional golfer or uses a superior tanning lotion that trumps whatever Donald Trump has on him. Neither is true. The man has a natural tan and it’s likely the Malaysian OOH industry has a lot to do with it. Now in his mid-40s, Shukor has been trolling the industry to seek out new possibilities and innovations for marketers. In fact, he’s been at it for over 20 years now. He knows his audience and the platforms like the back of his hand. This makes him the perfect catalyst to catapult and cascade brand messaging into the next big frontier – Digital OOH.

The CMO’s biggest challenges:
CMOs are moving from company to company, or assuming different roles within their current company. “When you have a Chief Digital, Chief Customer Experience Officer and Chief Revenue Officer, what is Marketing supposed to do if they no longer handle any of those components?” This is an existential threat to CMOs…

Facebook to monitor India’s elections?
The same people who revealed that more than 3.6 million users of its service in Asia may have had their information improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica last year are monitoring elections? Cambridge Analytica, which was key in US President Donald Trumps’s election campaign, received international attention after the firm was accused of harvesting almost 87 million Facebook users’ data for political purposes. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went from saying it was “crazy” to think Facebook could influence an election to vowing that he will “fix” Facebook… 

10 ways to make LinkedIn less boring: 
Unless you’re a demented stalker or desperately looking for a job, what the hell is LinkedIn good for, asks Bob Hoffman… He provides 10 suggestions for compelling pages that would make LinkedIn a lot more interesting: 1. CEOs you’re connected to who have done time 2. People who used to work with who hate you and are now unemployed 3. Pathetic douche guys you once slept with when you were drunk and are now “life coaches”… 

1. RHB Group Belief, 2. PETRONAS Heart, 3. Daikin Forget Me Not, 4. Watsons, 5. Digi….
We asked our readers which were their favourite Chinese New Year spots this year from 31 videos selected by us. Almost 300 validated online responses were received and we have drawn up the rankings. This is a very limited survey amongst affluent influencers and opinion shapers in the Malaysian marketing communications and media industry. For those who have been voted by our readers into the top 15, take a bow…

Big Data: Less in More 
Brands and marketers taking the ‘direct’ ride on the backs of Facebook and Google must exercise the ability to take the ‘personalised’ approach…

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