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MARKETING Issue #234 champions diversity!

So we are now in 2019. And just when you’ve saturated all ways to market to Gen Y millennials, here comes Gen Z who will account for up to 40% of consumers in 2020. Before marketers start firing or changing their agencies in panic to find “solutions” whenever the goalpost changes, I have one piece of advice for them: don’t bother.

Agencies are already chopping their staff count daily, soon there won’t be anyone left to fire. Which brings me to the same pain point everyone has: finding good talent. As long as the industry does not recognise, nurture and value talent, everything else is a zero sum game. So let’s stop beating ourselves up, life is hard enough as it is. On that note, this issue is about hope, diversity, algorithms and the pursuit of happiness. And also about all of us becoming data scientists overnight!


• Cover Story: Homegrown regional beverage player Etika has been rocking the market in the pursuit of happiness for all. And adding a little healthy grief for their competitors. “I watched the organization grow from a 300-employee company to 1500, while our turnover has more than quadrupled.” 

•MC2 Awards 2018 winners announced, revealing new talent discoveries…

•AdLand is not what it used to be. “These days it’s about data, storytelling, creating meaningful connections, building brand relationships – anything but advertising.”

•To trust or anti-trust Google and Facebook: “It’s time to recognise Facebook and Google have much too much power centralised in their nerdy, but extremely wealthy hands. To work in digital advertising in 2019 is to live or die by algorithms.”

•Bala Pomaleh on media transformation: “The current system of industry research being largely funded by media owners is outmoded and defies the logic of impartiality and accountability.”

 MARKETING magazine recently partnered TGV Cinemas, Moving Walls, Astro, Fried Chillies, Visual Retale and Directors Think Tank to play host to the marketing communications industry for a Cannes Lions screening, showcasing the best creative communications work in the world….

• How well do you know Millennials? Most millennials, after being told they are the “dream future”, are struggling financially and emotionally. It is not very different in Malaysia with the high cost of homes, cars and loans. According to a survey on Malaysian millennials by the Asian Institute of Finance, 38% have personal loans, 47% deep in credit card debt and only 28% confident in financial literacy… 

 “Suddenly, media planners are writing ads, production houses are writing and directing their own ad campaigns, and marketers have not an iota of embarrassment in dictating every piece of advertising from their brands if they so desire,” says Kapil Sethi

• Story Telling workshop on February 25 

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