So much more with IPC

January 19, 2018

IPC does so much more with Bonsey Jaden

Global digital agency Bonsey Jaden launches “So Much More” campaign for the newly renovated IPC Shopping Centre.
The “So Much More” campaign was launched to capture IPC’s the sentiment that a retail space does more than just shopping. “Once upon a sight” was the highlight of the campaign, a tale of a little boy who experienced love at first sight in the shopping centre.
The ingenious idea was brought to life by Bonsey Jaden and Directors Think Tank. The video which was published on the 7th of January has already amassed over 800,000 views.
Below is the “Once Upon A Sight” video, the highlight of IPC’s “So Much More” campaign:

“It’s not just about the tenants and services. Here at IPC Shopping Centre, it’s all about the moments. Whether you’re experiencing fashion, food or fun for the whole family,” said Andrew Yeoh, Head of Marketing of Shopping Centre, IKEA Southeast Asia.
“To me, the biggest highlight of the campaign was working with so many like-minded individuals who truly displayed their hunger for a great piece of storytelling,” added Jeremy Ng, Creative Group Head at Bonsey Jaden.
Dinesh Sanjay, Account Director at Bonsey Jaden, also shared “Being able to execute such an honest brief that required us to just highlight the brand pillars of IPC shopping centre was truly an amazing experience.”