Redoxon’s viral SMRT campaign shows how 100,00 germs go viral in just 25 feet

8 months ago

Redoxon ‘sneezing screens’ campaign launched in Singapore MRT

Bayer’s Consumer Health’s product, Redoxon® Triple action has teamed with regional agency partner J. Walter Thompson Singapore to demonstrate the ultra-rapid spread of viral germs at close proximity, with an innovative ‘sneezing screens’ viral campaign at one of the largest pedestrian confined spaces in Singapore.

The campaign has taken over one of the busiest underpasses in Singapore, underneath shopping mecca Orchard’s ION Link, to illustrate the literally viral, rapid and expansive spread of 100,000 germs over 25 feet (7 meters) with just one single sneeze.

With so many important public health and safety messages already being advertised in Singapore, the agency wanted a communications solution that would illustrate the viral spread of germs, with a literal take on a viral ad. A busy, confined space like the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) underpass is both a relevant context, and also effective in illustrating the short distance over which 100,000 germs can go viral.

“At Redoxon, our continued efforts are focused on helping people boost their immunity to pre-empt and prevent everyday illness. With the September flu season almost upon us, we felt it timely to show people how rapidly germs can be transmitted virally, and to remind them how supplements and other healthy habits can help prevent flus and cold,” Jerlyn lim, Commercial Lead at Bayer (South East Asia) Pte. Ltd.

“People know prevention is better than cure, yet they don’t boost their immunity until they are sick. So we set out to show just how contagious a sneeze can be. We created a truly viral out-of-home brand experience by showing the impact of 1 sneeze over 25 feet”, added Farrokh Madon, Chief Creative Partner at J. Walter Thompson Singapore.