KFC combines a waffle and a zinger burger in a campaign against stereotypes

8 months ago

KFC Zinger Waffle burger a contradiction that works

The KFC Zinger Waffle burger may seem like a contradiction on one’s tastebuds. This is mainly due to the unusual combination of waffles and maple syrup coupled with KFC’s signature Hot and Spicy Zinger burger.

However the proof is in the pudding as the opposing flavours make for an amazing taste according to people who have tried it.

To that end KFC Malaysia and creative agency Naga DDB Trial launched a campaign this month which will appeal to the young as it is focused on struggles that Malaysian youth face.

On social media platforms two videos which were against stereotypes were released fighting for the freedom of KFC’s Zinger Waffle Burger.

“Describing this product was crazy. But what stumped at the start became our idea. An unlikely combination of sorts, but it works like a charm. We are all like that too, different, but we complement each other,” said Paul Lim, Deputy ECD of Naga DDB Tribal.