Innovative Sonic Sweetener reduces sugar intake!

March 6, 2017

In order to help people reduce their sugar intake, Beijing Dentsu Advertising has created ‘Sonic Sweetener’, based on the research done by Dr. Charles Spence at the University of Oxford.

The original sound track, Sonic Sweetener, helps listeners focus attention on the sweetness in food and drink, and it feels sweeter as a result.

Obesity and diabetes is a big social and health problem in China and overconsumption of sugar is one of the reasons. In fact, in the US, UK and other countries Sugary Drinks Tax or Soda tax has already been introduced.

Beijing Dentsu created a video to heighten awareness about this sugar problem:

This project was undertaken for XINCAFE café in Shanghai who pay attention to the diet habits of China’s younger generation and is supportive of new technologies to help its cause.


Ad Agency: Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd.

Executive Creative Director: Kazuki Tsuburaku

Creative Director: Takamori Kadoi

Art Director: Atsushi Fujimaki (IMGSRC)

Copywriters: Takamori Kadoi, Si Tan

Planner: Takamori Kadoi

Sound Production: Lader Production

Sound Designer: Chester Beatty

Producer: Ryo Harada

Technical Advisor: Qian Wang (University of Oxford)

Product & Web: IMGSRC Shanghai

Product Designers: Yuki Zetsu, Kazuya Otsuka

ProducerS: Shinji Takahashi, Ryuta Ohara

Technologist: Yaguchi Electric Corporation, Dai Takahashi

Film Producer/Director: Taiki Soma (DNA China)

Cinematographer: Sie Ruiming

Gaffer: Sun Yatao

Executive Producers: Taiki Soma, Chow Xin Yi


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