Harbin Beer and BBH China surprises teen with the gift of a lifetime on her 18th birthday

5 months ago
Beer tap

Tian Jimo, who turns 18 a minute before January 1, 2019, receives a personal beer tap with facial recognition technology and a lifetime supply of Harbin Beer.

While the rest of the world counted down to welcome 2019, Harbin Beer took a more personal approach and counted down to young Tian Jimo’s exact time of birth to welcome this young lady into adulthood.

Tian Jimo was born at 11.59pm on December 31, 2000.

Harbin Beer, in collaboration with BBH China, decided to seek out Tian Jimo, the last person to turn 18 in the country in 2018 and celebrate her coming of drinking-age with a surprise party and an unforgettable gift – her own personal Harbin Beer tap and a lifetime supply of Harbin Beer.

The beer brand took it further by building a facial recognition feature into the tap that identifies Tian Jimo so that it can only be activated by her. The agency used photos supplied by Tian Jimo’s family and applied an IoT valve lock with AI Machine Learning to develop a beer valve that unlocks on face recognition. Now Tian Jimo’s face is the key to her very own beer tap.

According to Harbin Beer marketing director Vicky Ma, from January 1, 2019 onwards, everyone born in the 20th century will be considered adults.

“Reaching the legal drinking age is considered a rite of passage for young people. We put ourselves in the shoes of those born at the end of the year and imagined how miserable it would be to watch most of your peers enjoy the official status of being legally allowed to drink.”

“So we thought we’d make it up to the last person to turn 18 and give her a very special birthday gift,” Ma explained.

Beer tap 2

BBH China chief creative officer Arthur Tsang said: “How often do you see a brand direct all its attention to finding just one person? It’s a wonderful way for Harbin to cement its position as the beer for legal drinking age consumers, but also to celebrate a person with a truly unique status.”