From TV to phone: KFC Golden Egg Crunch

February 13, 2018

Universal McCann Malaysia collaborates with Ensemble for KFC’s first TV sync campaign 
Universal McCann Malaysia has developed a TV sync campaign for KFC, in conjunction with the launch of it’s Golden Egg Crunch.
The campaign is a collaborative effort between UM and creative agency Ensemble Worldwide, combining storytelling and innovative media platforms to enhance the campaign message delivery, using TV sync technology.
Feast your senses on the KFC Golden Egg Crunch here:

“The way we watch TV has radically changed today. We know that 95% of people watch their mobile phone they’re heavily distracted by when commercials on TV are playing, so despite the consumer having their eyes on the screen,” said Managing Director of UM and Ensemble Worldwide, Amit Sutha.
“Advertising has never changed to reflect this change in consumption, until now. With this campaign, consumers will find unique ad copies of the Golden Egg Crunch on their mobiles and social feeds, syncing with the ads played on TV,” added Amit.

“Getting this campaign off the ground was certainly challenging, as it included getting the latest media schedules, and working within a short period of time to produce the relevant commercials. The TV sync and programmatic delivery tool was developed in-house by Cadreon,” said Rina Low, Vice-President of UM.
“Media is incredibly segmented, and despite TV still being the number one media being consumed in Malaysia, it is getting increasingly harder to capture our audiences’ attention,” said KFC’s Senior General Manager of Marketing, Angelina Villanueva.
The TV sync works across the comprehensive TV monitoring network, combining data from social media, TV viewership, and TV ad at scale. This then delivers over 20 creative and cheeky videos on mobile, each pegged to the most popular ads during the campaign period, to air across the social media network within seconds of the live TV commercial trigger.

“No matter where you turn this month, you won’t be able to turn from the feast of senses of the golden egg crunch,” Rina added.
The KFC Golden Egg Crunch runs between the 5th and 28th of February.