Directors Think Tank partners up with Bonsey Jaden for a superstitious Prudential cancer protection campaign

2 years ago

Naoto Mitake made his Malaysian directorial debut with Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad’s PRUcancer X campaign – UNSUAY. A Japanese film director from prominent production group, AOI Pro Inc. Japan, Naoto is now based in Malaysia, as part of Directors Think Tank’s roster – a talent exchange initiative that’s part of the joint-venture between Directors Think Tank and AOI Pro.

This campaign, in partnership with Bonsey Jaden, takes on a riskier and quirkier approach to the sensitive subject of cancer for the Malaysian audience – as cancer is a subject not discussed out in the open.

The three commercials show young Malaysians how helpful superstition can be in covering and protecting them from cancer, i.e. not at all. UNSUAY (anti-bad-luck), was launched as a fake brand that exploits superstitious acts and words. It featured a touch-friendly block of wood, a ‘Choi’ pin and a bad luck swatter. The Unsuay collection was promoted like real items on social media pages.

In the launch film, the true message was revealed: superstition can’t cover you. PRUcancer X is the only real cover from cancer. The campaign was further supported by unbranded Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertisements that led to the UNSUAY campaign page.

“We realized that most millennials are still uninsured despite knowing the increasing number of young Malaysians being affected by cancer. This is bigger than insurance; it is a conversation of getting Malaysians to be empowered enough to talk about cancer and exercise control, so that they can continue to be free and independent even when the unexpected big C strikes. It was extremely crucial for this campaign to stand out from the wide amount of internet information most users face every day,” said Natasha Sebastian, Head of Digital Marketing, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad.

Adam Chan, Regional Executive Creative Director of Bonsey Jaden further explained, “Tonality was key in this campaign. We were taking something that was literally life and death and communicating it in a way that could get more people to talk about something truly uncomfortable – cancer. We felt that a strong insight and irreverence was the way to do that, so we worked with Naoto to help bring that balance of gravity and disarming humour to life.”

“I feel thankful for having an opportunity to work with the amazing creatives from Bonsey Jaden. Instead of the usual sad/ emotional commercial for insurance, I felt this campaign could impress people in different ways – show them something that they have never seen before. As my first directing job in Malaysia, I enjoyed this unique campaign. I hope it reaches out and influences as many millennials, like myself,” said Naoto, the film director.