Bricks Come To Life on TV with Astro-LEGOLAND Innovation

March 30, 2018

Astro Winning Partnership Series

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, country’s first international themed park, located in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, was the first LEGOLAND Park that came up in Asia, in 2012. In Malaysia, LEGOLAND  Malaysia Resort has been the top draw for consumers because of its more than 70 hands-on rides, slides, shows and attractions for families and children of all ages, powered on brilliant imagination.
Yet LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort had a challenge on hand…
To yank off the kids from their devices and create a wholesome entertainment for the entire family through relaxation in theme parks and resorts is a tough task for marketers of the themed park industry.
While LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort enjoys high brand awareness among Malaysians as a family destination with entertainment that caters to all since its inception from 2012, many families may not know the attractions and rides offered in the theme park as they have never been there.
The key challenge for LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort was to deliver the content of the park to those who are already aware of LEGOLAND.
To address the issue, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort partnered with Astro to co-produce a reality show called Famili LEGOLAND, aiming to create excitement for the offerings in the resort, as well as delivering the LEGOLAND experience directly to their homes. The target audience for this campaign were Malay families.
Given the above scenario, the immediate task was to achieve higher domestic footfall by attracting more local families, specially Malays, to visit the resort and experience the rides and attractions.
Other Objectives:

  • To heighten the visibility of LEGOLAND offerings through strong and relevant visual representations
  • To reinstate LEGOLAND as a brand that inspires kids to express their creativity and imagination
  • To re-emphasize the positioning of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort as the ideal holiday destination for the whole family and not just for kids
  • To create buzz on the offerings of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort and attract footfalls beyond brand awareness

Teaming up with Astro, the “King of Reality” brought LEGOLAND into Malaysian homes & turned Bricks To Life on TV through reality game show, Famili LEGOLAND. According to the available data on Astro’s Malay audience demographics (as of Jan, 2018), Astro penetrates through 93% of Malay households, making Astro the right strategic partner for LEGOLAND in raising awareness amongst Malay families. Another data that helped was that Astro’s consumers have high purchasing power.
Astro Gempak, the Malaysia’s No. 1 entertainment digital platform amongst Malaynials, offering a broad content ecosystem, was activated too, for strengthening this campaign.
Hosted by well-known celebrities Awal Ashaari (actor and SuperDaddy), and Sherry Al Hadad (actress and comedian), this reality game show was conceptualized in such a way as to bring in the viewers to experience the thrills of the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort right at their home.
The show was broadcast every Monday; 9pm on Astro Ria & re-runs every Saturday, 10am on Astro Ceria. There were, in all, 6 episodes, of 30-minute duration, in Malay, broadcasted from October 2017 onwards, with the finale shown on December 2, 2017.
The game show was designed to give viewers the element of surprise. Every week, a different challenge was customized specifically for each ride or offering inside LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. As such, every week, contestants and viewers would not know what to expect. This element was important to hook the viewers to the programme and increase the level of anticipation. It also helped showcase the variety of games and entertainment offerings available.
The highlight of the campaign was that airing of Famili LEGOLAND brought about additional visits to the website in the same hour as the show was telecast on both Astro Ria and Astro Ceria. The growth of web traffic is as high as 92% during the first airing on Astro Ria, and another 46% increase during the rerun on Astro Ceria.
Web conversion also had an increase in October and November 2017 as compared to the same period from the previous year at 9.48% and 6.72% respectively.
The results were closely attributed to the huge response garnered on Astro TV. The Famili LEGOLAND branded content campaign reached a remarkable number of 9.4 million viewers, which covered 63% target audience of LEGOLAND.
Famili LEGOLAND has also clearly made an impact on people to search and discover more about LEGOLAND as a destination. There is a direct correlation on airing dates and google trend data for ‘LEGOLAND’. ‘Famili LEGOLAND’ not only met its objective of drawing footfalls, it reminded families the importance of spending time together, the importance of cultivating imagination, and bringing imagination to life with innovation. This winning campaign the result of the collaboration between Legoland, Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, and Astro.

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