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KFC turns its name on its head in brave fowl mouthed apology!

KFC responds to chicken chaos with full-page print ad “FCK, We’re Sorry”

This week, hundreds of Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) restaurants all across London and United Kingdom had to close down after the fast food giant revealed that many of their branches ran out of chicken. Hence, the company posted a full-page cheeky apology in two British newspapers, The Metro and The Sun revealing an empty bucket of fried chicken.

Instead of the usual KFC logo, the letters on the bucket were rearranged to humorously spell out “FCK”.

Here’s what the fine print says: “A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It’s not ideal. Huge apologies to our customers, especially those who traveled out of their way to find we were closed. And endless thanks to our KFC team members and our franchise partners for working tirelessly to improve the situation. It’s been a hell of a week, but we’re making progress, and every day more and more fresh chicken is being delivered to our restaurants. Thank you for bearing with us.

The ad truly won over fans for its clever humour. KFC’s apology appears to be getting a mostly positive reception from fans of the fast-food chain on social media. Netizens have not been able to stop raving about it:


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