It all started with a story

3 years ago

Digital Brand Storytelling Workshop: Finding your inner storyteller  
Indhran is CEO and Founder of the Sunshine Group, an integrated communications group with offices in Sydney, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur that helps brands gain visibility, generate leads and grow exponentially.
Over the years, Indhran has helped enhance brands such as HSBC, Electrolux, Frost & Sullivan, Oxford University, GEMS Education and AstraZeneca to name a few.
Every parent knows a good story goes straight to a child’s head and if it is exciting to the belly and if it’s happy, straight to the heart. And this doesn’t stop to fill up the minds of children’s imagination but also this caters to you and your company.
It is a well-known fact that investors tend to invest more when they buy a story. But what does a good story do?
A “good story” turns a company into something attractive to potential investors. This, in turn, stimulates the imagination and desire of potential investors and catapults the value of the company. Now that you know what a good story does, how much is it actually worth in the real world?
Equity Storytelling authors Thomas Ramge and Veit Etzold place a price tag of one hundred million pounds sterling for a good story. These guys would know it as one of them was responsible or crafting an equity story for an Islamic bank in London. In this case, the British owner after calculating the facts and figures had placed the value of the firm at 100 million pounds. He would have been very happy to get that price. He by accident had asked one of the equity storytelling authors on how to give “the bride a bit of a makeover”.
What the storyteller did was he took the history of the founder, the management and its location in London with its large Arab community embedding it in a big picture “Islamic Banking”. This caught the imagination of potential investors. In the end, the transaction brought in 200 million pounds for the seller!
That’s what a good storyteller does, rakes in 100 million pounds extra. Why do you ask?
The simple answer is because investors love a good story. They want to hear a great story about what the company is doing now to create a path for outperformance and sustained growth.
But what actually constitutes a story? And how do we craft a brand story that truly engages our audience, whether it’s our colleagues or our customers? Simply taking a story from the physical world and planting in the social media space just won’t cut it anymore.
This one-day creative workshop is designed to transform you into an effective digital storyteller by using the latest tools and technologies to enhance your brand and make it come to life.

Date: 26th February 2018
Venue: Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara
To register: Call Ruby 03 7726 2588 or email
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