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INTI celebrates teacher’s day with a quirky campaign


They say your teachers are your heroes and driving that message forward in its latest campaign is INTI International University & Colleges.

The Dedicated2Cikgu celebration, which is now in its sixth year, highlights this year’s #MyPowerTeacher campaign which turns the quirky habits and mannerisms of teacher’s into superpowers celebrated by students.

Shot in collaboration with Fisherman Integrated and Graph Studio, the video features Puan Norliah, also known as The Octopus – who is able to multitask many things at the same time, Mrs. Leong (The Flash) who grades her students’ homework with lightning speed, Mr Chendera (The Olympian) who is able to teach his students all kinds of sporting activity, Cikgu Zainol (The Walking Database) who remembers all the names of the students in his school and Cikgu Azhar (The Master Decoder) who is able to translate any form of handwriting from his students and grade them – all of them possess a unique set of ‘superpowers’ with the ability to impact their students life.

The #MyPowerTeacher video posted onto Facebook has been viewed 58,000 times and received over 112 shares. The campaign is also anchored to the microsite where students can send in their dedication to their teachers and share what their superpowers are.

“We have always looked up to teachers as a huge asset to a nation. As a higher learning institution, we understand the importance of having a solid academic team so that we are able to produce successful graduates in the future. On top of that, these teachers go through so much in ensuring the students reach their full potential,” shared Timothy Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products & Partnerships at INTI International University & Colleges. 

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